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                                          Looking for a perfect birthday greeting for family and friends?  With the pandemic here, we cannot always get out to get that card or gift.  Sending a customized songagram is the perfect way to really show the intended recipient that you are thinking of them.  It’s easy to get started. 

                                          Choose a style that you would like to send to your birthday person.  These are quality productions from my home studio.  Here are the links of the various samples to choose from: 

   1.                                   Reggae-style Birthday Songagram.  A light but bouncy reggae birthday song for the island                                                       man/woman.


   2.                                   Rolling Stones-style Birthday Songagram.  Jagger-like vocals with a rock sound to have your                                                     birthday boy or girl strutting around the room.

   3.                                   60’s (Beatles style) Birthday song.  A song for the Fab Four lovers as well as the 60’s in general.                                       


   4.                                   Beach Boys-style Birthday Songagram.  Beach Boy harmonies with light bouncy music from the                                                 era.

   5.                                   Ukulele Birthday Songagram.  A simple birthday song with ukulele, and vocals.



   6.                                   Elvis-style Birthday Songagram  The King is incarnated to sing a special birthday wish!


                         Find 5-6 photos of the birthday person.  Please send me the photos, plus your preferred style of song along with $19.99 by email transfer to  I will respond once I have received the order and you should have the finished video within one business day (providing volume of orders are light).  Please note that the sample songs are being used as the template for the customized song that is being sent to you .  All orders are final.  

                                          Looking forward to providing you a great new way to send a birthday greeting!